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There are many varieties of goldfish in captivity and they come in many different colors (black, white, silver, gold and others) and their fin, eye and body shapes can be dramatically different from one variety to the next.My name is Cassie, and I am a Goldfish(Carassius auratus)!

Did you know a group of goldfish is known as a troubling? How troubling! Learn more interesting facts about goldfish by rolling your mouse over my picture to the left!

Welcome to the fifth chapter of Lessons on the Lake, Our Water Resources. We'll learn about our water, do the water cycle walk, measure water quality, develop a mini action plan, and write in our journal.

All right! Let's get started!

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  1. Introduction
  2. Essential Questions
  3. Water Cycle
  4. Activity: Water Cycle Walk
  5. Quiz: Daily Water Use
  6. Activity: Brainstorming
  7. Measuring Water Quality
  8. Water Pollution
  9. Project F.U.R.
  10. Activity: Mini Action Plan
  11. Activity: Journaling
  12. Activity: How's the Water?