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My name is Castor, and I am a Beaver (Castor canadensis)!

The American Beaver is the largest rodent in North America, and can weigh up to 60lbs (the size of a medium-sized dog like a small lab or golden retriever).Did you know I live in houses I make myself by cutting down trees with my front teeth? Learn more interesting facts about beavers by rolling your mouse over my picture to the left!

Welcome to the fourth chapter of Lessons on the Lake, Rollin' Down the River. We'll learn all kinds of things about rivers, like how to make a river map, measuring water quality, and how to be a drainage detective!

All right! Let's get started!

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  1. Chapter 4 Intro
  2. Essential Questions
  3. Activity: Headlines
  4. Anatomy of a River
  5. Protecting Rivers
  6. Treasured Tangipahoa
  7. Activity: Issues about Rivers
  8. Activity: Problems with Rivers
  9. Activity: Questions about Rivers
  10. Activity: Drainage Detectives