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Estuary Interviews

Capture moments in time, moments in the lives of estuary animals. Much like a photo, a news interview can probe, illuminate, and clarify interesting facts about the inhabitants of the estuary.


  • Costumes for role playing
  • Hats


  1. Show a video of a local news program demonstrating different interview formats, sets, and techniques.
  2. Ask students to design a news program about the lives and habitats of selected estuary animals.
  3. Research the lives of selected animals found in the wetland areas. Information may be found in local environmental publications such as Louisiana Conservationist magazine or regional and national publications.
  4. Develop a script for the news program around a current theme in estuaries such as pollution, loss of wetland areas, development of wetlands, or fishing rights and regulations.
  5. Rehearse the news program, using costumes and commercials relevant to the estuary, its animals, and plants.
  6. Use pictures and slides from the Magic of the Estuary activity. Colorful pictures from environmental magazines may also enhance the presentation.
  7. Videotape the broadcast. Play the video tape for the parent organization at school, a class of elementary students, or as a special event for Earth Day or Beach Sweep!


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Some people have tried to keep alligators as pets. Alligators can grow very large and can be extremely dangerous.
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  9. Activity: What does it take to be an Estuary Inhabitant?