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Shhhh! Buzz, buzz, shhhh! Slap,
slap, crunch, crack, yipes! Hum, hum,
sputter, splash, splat! Buzz, buzz, hummmmm!

There’s a place where critters
abound, where water is deep and rich,
where animals munch on grassy green
stalks, and then take
the time for a dip....

There’s a place, where grasshoppers
go, where nutria travel and trail, where
birds of all kinds of feathers will flock
together, and fish look fishy-eyed at the world!

There’s a place where a crab is a
king, and a snail like a jewel will sway,
There’s a place where fisher people will
go and will stay all night and all day!

There’s a place where the sun and
energy it brings shines from daylight to
dusk, then a silvery white moon will
sparkle the night and the sounds,
whoooo, whaaaaa, kurplunk, swish and
glop, will make all of us stop!

The sex of baby alligators depends on the temperature of the nest. If the temperature is above 93F, the babies will be males and if it is below 86F the babies will be females. A temperature in between will make both males and females.
  1. Introduction
  2. Essential Questions
  3. What is an Estuary?
  4. Functions of the Estuary
  5. Activity: Music of the Estuary
  6. Activity: Magical Images of the Estuary
  7. Activity: Estuary Interviews
  8. Activity: Estuary Issues
  9. Activity: What does it take to be an Estuary Inhabitant?