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Lessons on the Lake Home Page Why Worry about Wetlands?
Countdown Calendar What is a Wetland? Lake Log How Healthy is this Wetland? Where have all the Wetlands Gone?
Chapter 2 Introduction Essential Questions
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By the end of this chapter, you will understand:

1. Why do we worry about wetlands?

2. What is a wetland?

3. Why are the wetlands valuable to us?

4. What is a healthy wetland?

5. How do plants and animals survive in the wetlands???

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Pelicans can live for more than 25 years in the wild!
  1. Chapter 2 Intro
  2. Essential Questions
  3. Why Worry about Wetlands
  4. Activity: Countdown Calendar
  5. What is a Wetland?
  6. Activity: Lake Log
  7. Activity: How healthy is this wetland?
  8. Activity: Where have all the Wetlands gone?
  9. Activity: Bird Beak Buffet
  10. Activity: Environmental Barometer
  11. Activity: Fibonnacci Hunt