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Unlike other pelicans, the brown pelican dives into the water to snatch its prey with its bill instead of simply scooping up its prey.


My name is Pelicanus, and I am a Brown Pelican (Pelicanus occidentalis)! Did you know I have webbed feet, like frogs, for swimming? Learn more interesting facts about pelicans by rolling your mouse over my picture to the left!

Welcome to the second chapter of Lessons on the Lake, Why Worry About Wetlands? In this chapter, we'll learn about wetlands and why they are important.

We'll learn about endangered species, start a diary, pick up food with bird beaks and maybe even watch wildlife on a field trip!

All right! Let's get started!

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  1. Chapter 2 Intro
  2. Essential Questions
  3. Why Worry about Wetlands
  4. Activity: Countdown Calendar
  5. What is a Wetland?
  6. Activity: Lake Log
  7. Activity: How healthy is this wetland?
  8. Activity: Where have all the Wetlands gone?
  9. Activity: Bird Beak Buffet
  10. Activity: Environmental Barometer
  11. Activity: Fibonnacci Hunt