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Capturing History in a Box

The purpose of this activity is to instill an awareness in students of the important role the Lake Pontchartrain Basin has played in the history of our culture.

This activity is divided into five sections (handouts and teacher's materials to the right; due to the length of this activity, the details are not fully presented here):

I. Learning about cultures in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin

In this exercise, you will hear one another's stories about the basin and discuss an artifact you have chosen to represent the basin.

II. Collecting and cataloging artifacts

Here you will have a scavenger hunt to fund and collect artifacts and primary and secondary sources of information about the history and culture of Lake Pontchartrain Basin, and then catalog your findings.

III. Preparing a documentary-style report

Here you will work in groups to prepare a documentary report, focusing on an aspect
of the cultural history of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin.

IV. Designing a History Box

Here you will decorate a box with illustrations of selected historical events of the Lake
Pontchartrain Basin, make a list of the artifacts to be included in the History Box, and place the artifacts in the History Box in an order determined by the group.

V. Making a presentation, in documentary form, using collected information and artifacts

Finally, you will make a presentation to the class about your groups' box!

Sliders get their name because of their tendency to slide quickly into the water when they feel threatened.

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  8. Activity: Capturing History In a Box
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