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“Marsh Mysteries”: A Quiz on Louisiana’s Wetlands


  • Use the Internet to create and score quizzes on wetlands, the Lake Pontchartrain Basin, or other topics.

Teaching Materials:

  • Computer with internet provider
  • Copies of “Marsh Mysteries: A Quiz on Louisiana’s Wetlands” handout

Getting Ready:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the website: http://www.funbrain.com.
  2. Organize students into partner pairs, if desired.
  3. Be sure that students are familiar with use of the Internet and with the website.
  4. Review the functions of Quiz Lab with students.


  1. Sign on to Quiz Lab.
  2. If you are a registered user, log on to the site. If you are not already registered, you may do so easily by following the simple steps outlined on the site.
  3. Once you have a username and password, you can access your private area within Quiz Lab. You can sign on from any computer connected to the Internet.
  4. Select a “Secret Word” for your students to use when signing on to take this particular quiz or any others you choose to make.
  5. To construct a quiz on Louisiana’s wetlands, click on the “Create A New Quiz” link. Follow the online prompts about the type of quiz you want to make. Enter the questions and other information about your quiz.
  6. When your students sign on, they will see the quiz that you selected for them. They take the quiz by answering each of the questions as they are presented.
  7. At the end of the day or week (your choice), the results of student quizzes will be e-mailed directly to you. At any time, you can sign in and see your students’ scores for any of your quizzes by logging in with your username and password. Click on “View Student Scores” or “Gradebook.” You can even see details about any questions answered incorrectly.
  8. Change any questions in any of your quizzes by selecting “View and Edit Quizzes.”

The shells of turtle eggs are soft and leathery.

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  2. Essential Questions
  3. Historical Highlights
  4. Activity: Explore History
  5. Activity: Dramatization
  6. Activity:  Dramatic Timeline
  7. Activity: Basin 
  8. Activity: Capturing History In a Box
  9. Activity: Historical Research
  10. Activity: Marsh Mysteries Quiz