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Facts about the Lake Pontchartrain Basin

Another name for the Lake Pontchartrain Basin is the Lake Pontchartrain Watershed. The Basin, or watershed, is home to 1.5 million people.

The watershed drains the land in 16 Louisiana parishes and 4 Mississippi counties.

The Louisiana parishes in the Lake Pontchartrain Watershed are: Ascension, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Jefferson, Livingston, Orleans, Plaquemines, Tangipahoa, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. James, St. John the Baptist, St. Helena, St. Tammany, and Washington.

Lake Pontchartrain, formed 5,000 years ago, is the largest feature of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin ---------------------->
Lake Pontchartrain is not a lake; it is an estuary, or an area in which fresh water from rain and rivers measurably dilutes the salt water from the Gulf of Mexico.
Lake Pontchartrain is an entire ecosystem with great biodiversity. An ecosystem is made up of all the living and non–living components of the environment.

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Male anoles have a pink (sometimes gray, dark green, or even white) flap under their chins called a dewlap. They use this as part of a dance to attract a mate or mark territory.

  1. Chapter 1 Intro
  2. Essential Questions
  3. Facts
  4. What is a Watershed?
  5. Activity: Guided Imagery
  6. Where does the water come from?
  7. Activity: Water in the Basin
  8. How does precipitation affect the watershed?
  9. How does groundwater affect the watershed?
  10. How does surface runoff affect the watershed?
  11. Activity: Learning about the Basin
  12. Activity: Travelin' Troupe
  13. Activity: Surfin' the Basin and Beyond