Lessons on the Lake
Lessons on the Lake Chapter 1: Walk in the Woods
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Essential Questions:

When we're done, you ought to know the answers to these important questions!

  1. What is a Watershed?

  2. Where does the water in the watershed come from, and where does it go?

  3. What can I learn about the watershed from maps?

  4. Why should I tour the Lake Pontchartrain Watershed?

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  1. Chapter 1 Intro
  2. Essential Questions
  3. Facts
  4. What is a Watershed?
  5. Activity: Guided Imagery
  6. Where does the water come from?
  7. Activity: Water in the Basin
  8. How does precipitation affect the watershed?
  9. How does groundwater affect the watershed?
  10. How does surface runoff affect the watershed?
  11. Activity: Learning about the Basin
  12. Activity: Travelin' Troupe
  13. Activity: Surfin' the Basin and Beyond