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Lessons on the Lake Chapter 1: Walk in the Woods
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In this activity, the students will be divided into small groups. Each group will become a "Travelin' Troupe" touring through the Lake Pontchartrain Watershed in times past.

"Troupes" in times past were costumed actors or actresses who acted out plays that informed and entertained audiences. The students' charge is to promote the Lake Pontchartrain Watershed as a tourist attraction having unique and exciting features and abundant plants and animals.

Each Troupe must develop:
■ a script promoting the Lake Pontchartrain Watershed;
■ a promotional poster to advertise their “performance;”
■ a program for the “performance,” and
■ a “Participation in the Basin” survey for the audience.

In their performance, troupes may consider:
■ performing a script that they write, e.g., a travelogue;
■ giving a formal oral presentation like a panel discussion, or
■ performing a creative dance or write a song about the sites chosen,
e.g., Native American sites along the shores of the Lake.

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The flying lizards of Southeast Asia have extended ribs that support a membrane of skin. By spreading the membranous skin out, the lizard is able to glide from one tree to another.

  1. Chapter 1 Intro
  2. Essential Questions
  3. Facts
  4. What is a Watershed?
  5. Activity: Guided Imagery
  6. Where does the water come from?
  7. Activity: Water in the Basin
  8. How does precipitation affect the watershed?
  9. How does groundwater affect the watershed?
  10. How does surface runoff affect the watershed?
  11. Activity: Learning about the Basin
  12. Activity: Travelin' Troupe
  13. Activity: Surfin' the Basin and Beyond