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Lessons on the Lake Chapter 1: Walk in the Woods
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Learning about the Basin

In this activity, we'll learn about the basin by looking at a series of maps. To begin, check out this base map (click to open large version):

Now, click on each of these overlay maps to view different types of information laid over the base map:

Elevation Vegetation Soils Geologic Rainfall
Pollution Public Land Wetlands 1950 Wetland Loss LandUse 1950
Land Use 1990 Cities Native American Sites

Discussion Questions:

  1. What does this added information tell you about the area?

  2. How is this related to other information given?

  3. How would you find this information if you did not have a map?

  4. What is the connection between soil types and vegetation?

  5. What is the connection between geologic formations and elevations?

  6. Where would you expect to find cities?

  7. Is there any connection between where cities are built and where elevation,
    vegetation or specific soils are found?

  8. Where would you build roads?

The Green Anole is only one of 250 species of anoles!


Lesson Plan

  1. Chapter 1 Intro
  2. Essential Questions
  3. Facts
  4. What is a Watershed?
  5. Activity: Guided Imagery
  6. Where does the water come from?
  7. Activity: Water in the Basin
  8. How does precipitation affect the watershed?
  9. How does groundwater affect the watershed?
  10. How does surface runoff affect the watershed?
  11. Activity: Learning about the Basin
  12. Activity: Travelin' Troupe
  13. Activity: Surfin' the Basin and Beyond