About Us

The MBA Society is a student organization whose membership is open to all students enrolled in the MBA program at Southeastern Louisiana University. While some documents show that the MBA Society existed as far back as 1987, five MBA students, Nikki Domingue, Kenneth Ridgedell, Lisa Lovem, Gary Borgstede and Aubrey Warren, officially chartered it in the fall of 1990. The original purpose of the organization was to develop a professional kinship among MBA students.

Over the years, the organization evolved and in 1998 the mission was updated to reflect the growth of the Society. Now, focusing on professional relationships with former graduates, faculty and business leaders as well as between students the Society held numerous activities designed to gain valuable networking opportunities. Among the events were guest speakers from several local employers as well as tours of facilities, most notably the Abita Brewery, Community Coffee and McIlhenny (The makers of Tabasco Sauce).

Today, the society is still going strong and currently has adopted a global focus, having members from numerous countries and cultures.