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Newsletter 2009

Message from President-elect Claire Procopio

LCA Conference Report


The October ’08 LCA conference confirmed in many ways how Communication Matters!  The 10th meeting of the LCA marked more than a decade of communication scholarship and fellowship in Louisiana.  It marked movement in a N.E.W. direction too.  As we lay out the agenda for LCA in the upcoming decade we hope you will join with us to achieve N.E.W. things:


National connection

LCA was extraordinarily fortunate in the support it received from the National Communication Association in 2008.  We were selected to receive one of only four NCA Initiative Grants.  That support allowed LCA to offer stipends for community college communication professors to attend the conference and participate in a roundtable discussion with NCA’s 2nd Vice-president, Dr. Dawn Braithwaite.  Faculty from Baton Rouge Community College, Delgado Community College, Delta Community College, Louisiana State University at Eunice, and South Louisiana Community College sat down with Dr. Braithwaite and made recommendations for improved relations between the CC and our professional organizations.  With the help of the NCA grant, LCA saw a 700% increase in community college representation in ’08.  We can build on that in ’09. 


In addition to the Initiative Grant, NCA and LCA partnered together to bring in Dr. Braithwaite for the keynote address on the history of communication research and new directions for the field including her work on fictive kin.  More than 100 people enjoyed her address and post-talk Q&A.


Total attendees: 124

Professors: 29

Graduate Students: 6

Undergraduates: 89


Excellent scholarship

LCA continues to evolve as an outlet for communication and local themed research in a supportive and low key environment.  Paper presentations in ’08 ran the gamut from iPods as defense mechanisms (Joe Burns and Paul Sawyer, SLU) to the relationships between news coverage of hate crimes and penalty enhancements (Tristan Gilley & William Davie, UL-L); from body dissatisfaction (Pavica Sheldon, LSU) to video gaming and aggression (Lucian Dinu, UL-L); from momentum in political campaigns (Kim Thompson, LSU-A) to online communication and course satisfaction (Dianna Laurent and Amber Fleck, SLU).  The range of topics and presenters continues to grow each year.


Top Professional Paper Award:

Influences on Content and Censorship at College Newspapers

Shaniece Bell Bickham, Southern University     


Top Graduate Paper Award

Sohini Bhattacharya and Philip J. Auter, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

YouTube and Two-Way Symmetrical Communication:  The Effectiveness of Viral Videos on Brand Awareness When Viewed Embedded in Interactive Video Websites


Top Undergraduate Paper Award

Kimberly Tran, Xavier University of Louisiana 

Examining Conversational Constraints in Vietnamese Patient-Doctor Communication: A Case Study



Working connections


Perhaps the most successful aspect of LCA year-in and year-out is our ability to bring people together.  This year communication faculty from 14 public and private colleges and universities throughout the state shared and debated, learned and laughed, and, hopefully, left the conference ready and reinvigorated for a new academic year.  Attendees had the opportunity to rub elbows with our national leadership.  They heard from service learning leaders in the state including representatives from the UL-system board and Student Development & Communications office, Louisiana Campus Compact, and LSU’s Center for Community Engagement, Learning, & Leadership.  We are looking forward to more and varied opportunities to connect in ’09.






We were at LCA!  Hope to see you there in ’09.

Baton Rouge Community College

Delgado Community College

Delta Community College

Louisiana State University at Alexandria

Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge

Louisiana State University at Eunice

Northwestern State University

South Louisiana Community College

Southeastern Louisiana University

Southern University of Baton Rouge

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

University of Louisiana at Monroe.

University of New Orleans

Xavier University of Louisiana