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Louisiana Literature Press announces the publication of Pompeii Man by Paul Ruffin

Set on the Mississippi Coast and in New Orleans, Pompeii Man is the story of the descent of an innocent couple into a hell of fear and violence, a world that neither of them could have imagined in the Big Easy, city of music, good food, and Old South charm. The reader watches in horror as Jack Stafford loses his wife to a terrifying night of assault and rape in the dark heart of New Orleans, manages to get her back home, then loses her again, this time perhaps forever, except for the emergence of a detective who takes a personal interest in the case and driven by his imagination and determination sets off, with librarian Stafford his only backup, to find the woman and destroy the drug lord and pimp who holds her, a man whose villainy has earned him the street name Satan.

Paul Ruffin, author of four collections of poetry, two books of stories, and editor of eight other books, has had poetry, fiction and essays published widely in journals and magazines such as Southern Review, Southwestern American Literature, Poetry, Connecticut Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, and Michigan Quarterly Review. His work appears in such well-known university texts as W. W. Norton's Introduction to Literature, Harcourt Brace's College Handbook of Creative Writing, Little Brown's Introduction to Literature, and The Longwood Poetry Guide to Writing. Born in Alabama and raised in Mississippi, he lives with his wife Sharon and their two children in Huntsville, Texas, where he teaches at Sam Houston State University, edits The Texas Review, and directs Texas Review Press.

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Hardback, $26.95
Paperback, $18.95
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