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Kappa Alpha is an order based upon knighthood that holds the ideal of chivalry as paramount. Members of Kappa Alpha have a serious responsibility. It is their duty to demonstrate that chivalry is not simply an ancient code of conduct that existed during some forgotten era, but that it is a way of life that exists well into today. It takes a very special person to be able to complete their training as a squire in the order and graduate into the rank of knighthood. It takes someone dedicated to enriching not only their college experience, but also their life afterwards, as the ideals learned continue on well past graduation. It takes someone willing to exert every effort to live their life honorably and true, as success is never handed out, but earned. It takes someone who understands that there is also a time to play and be social, since success means nothing unless it is enjoyed. It takes someone dissatisfied with the modern fraternity and looking for something a little different. If you feel you meet all of these requirements and you think you have what it takes, please stop over and meet the brothers of the Order. If you do decide that Kappa Alpha has something to offer you, and you can live up to our ideals, there are many here that would be proud to call you brother.

We are currently rushing for our Spring 2006 new member class. If you are a high school student, a Southeastern Louisiana University student, or a transfer student, please contact us so that we can give you more information about rushing KA. If you're interested, please feel free to contact our Rush Chairman, Richard "Stu" Briseno at