Journal of International and Global Economic Studies





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Journal of International and Global Economic Studies

Volume 11, Number 1, June 2018


Paulo Matos

The Forward-Looking Behavior of Demand for International Reserves in Brazil


Jo-Hui Chen and Thi Van Trang Do

The Study of Corruption: An Ordered Probit Model Analysis


Marwan Alzoubi

Determinants of Bank Profitability: the Case of Jordan


Nuwan Indika

Does Marriage Affect Men’s Labor Market Outcomes?

A Semi-Parametric Longitudinal Analysis


Journal of International and Global Economic Studies

Volume 10, Number 2, December 2017


Amarendra Sharma

Mexican Temporary Employment Program Work?

Evidence from a Panel Data of Mexican States, pp. 1-21


Antonio Abatemarco

Is Growth of the Pro-Poor Kind? A ‘Leftist’ Perspective to

Pro-Poor Growth Measurement, pp. 22-37


Ceyhun Haydaroğlu

Financial and Trade Globalization and Income Distribution in

Eastern European Countries, pp. 38-54


Puruweti Siyakiya

Can Trade Openness Stimulate Output Performance?

A Case Of Selected African Countries, pp. 55-67


Journal of International and Global Economic Studies

Volume 10, Number 1, June 2017


Tamar Khachaturian and David Riker

The Impact of U.S. Trade Agreements on Growth in

Output and Labor Productivity of FTA Partner Countries, pp. 1-14


Tanguy Fabrice Mathieu Kignima and Thomas Michael Krueger

Has the Affordable Care Act (OBAMACARE) Been an Effective Prescription for Biotech Firm Financial Health? pp. 15-29


Lula G. Mengesha

Empirical analysis of global financial stress indicators, pp, 30-42


Jo-Hui Chen and Do Thi Van Trang

Macroeconomic and Monetary Determinants in Analyzing Recurrence Time for Inflation and Deflation Cycles, pp. 43-57


Mohammad Saeed and Fahad Gill

The Economic Assimilation of Second Generation Immigrants in the U.S.:

A Longitudinal Study, pp. 58-78


Journal of International and Global Economic Studies

Volume 9, Number 2, December 2016


Paulo Matos and Felipe Reis

On the Risk Management of South American Financial Markets:

Do Integration and Contagion Matter? pp. 1-22


Nicoleta Iliescu

US Lobby Activity and Antidumping Outcomes, pp. 23-40


Doumi Ali

Measurement of total factor productivity in agriculture: study on

a panel of Mediterranean countries (1980-2012), pp. 41-56


Muhammad Akram Gilal, Ali Gul Khushik and Sohail Farooq

Domestic Credit and Foreign Capital Inflows in Pakistan, pp. 57-66


Zohaib Aziz and Javed Iqbal

Comparing Volatility Forecasts of Univariate and Multivariate

GARCH Models: Evidence from the Asian Stock Markets, pp. 67-78



Journal of International and Global Economic Studies

Volume 9, Number 1, June 2016


Jennifer Ferris and David Riker

The Exports of U.S. Cities: Measurement and Economic Impact, pp. 1-20


Mert Topcu and Sumeyye Girgin

The Impact of Urbanization on Energy Demand in the Middle East,

pp. 21-28



The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Productivity Growth in

the Moroccan Manufacturing Sector: Is Source of FDI important?,

pp. 29-45


Abubakar Kabir Baba and Mehmet Yazici

The J-Curve Hypothesis: An Investigation of Bilateral Trade between

Nigeria and European Union, pp. 46-74


Sobir Shukurov

Determinants of FDI in Transition Economies:

The Case of CIS Countries, pp. 75-94



Journal of International and Global Economic Studies

Volume 8, Number 2, December 2015


K.C. Fung, Nathalie Aminian and Hitomi Iizaka

Trade in East and Southeast Asia and Global Foreign Direct Investment,

pp. 1-21


David Riker

The Internet and Product-Level Entry into the U.S. Market, pp. 22-39


Umit Bulut, H. Pinar Kaya, and Emrah Kocak

Testing Convergence of Return on Assets: Empirical Evidence from

the Turkish Banking Sector, pp. 40-48


Monir Uddin Ahmed, Mousumi Dey and Depankar Lal Das

Evidence on the Relationship between Price Level and

Macroeconomic Policies: Perspective of Bangladesh, pp. 49-90


Sebil Olalekan Oshota and Abdulazeez Adeniyi Badejo

What Drives Current Account Balance in West Africa States:

Evidence from Panel ARDL, pp. 91-105


Journal of International and Global Economic Studies

Volume 8, Number 1, June 2015


David Riker

The Impact of Restrictions on Mode 3 International Supply of Services,

pp. 1-20


Donny Tang

Has the Foreign Direct Investment Boosted Economic Growth in the European Union Countries? pp. 21-50


Jo-Hui Chen and Maya Malinda

Room Occupancy Rates of Hotels in Bali: Testing for Long Memory

and Multiple Structural Breaks, pp. 51-67


Safet Kurtovic and Sead Talovic

Impact of Trade Agreements with EU on the Reduction in Trade Balance

Deficit of Bosnia and Herzegovina, pp. 68-92


Mahmoud M. Sabra

A Dynamic Panel Analysis of French Exports and Outward FDI

in Selected Mediterranean Countries, pp. 93-112


Journal of International and Global Economic Studies

Volume 7, Number 2, December 2014


Jo-Hui Chen and Yu-Fang Huang

Nonlinear Environment and Economic Growth Nexus:

A Panel Smooth Transition Regression Approach, pp. 1-16


Shiue-Hung Lin

Does Encourage Inward FDI Always Be a Dominant Strategy

for Domestic Government? A Theoretical Analysis of

Vertically Differentiated Industry, pp.17-31


Damilola Felix Arawomo

Nexus Of Capital Goods Import and Economic Growth:

Evidence from Panel ARDL Model for WAMZ, pp. 32-44


Musibau Adetunji Babatunde

Are Exports and Imports Cointegrated? Evidence from Nigeria, pp. 45-67


Deepika Kumari and Dr. Neena Malhotra

Trade-Led Growth in India and China: A Comparative Analysis, pp. 68-88


Journal of International and Global Economic Studies

Volume 7, Number 1, June 2014


Natalya Ketenci

The Effect of Global Financial Crisis on Trade Elasticities:

Evidence from BRIICS Countries and Turkey, pp. 1-19


Raquel M. Balanay at el.

Analyzing the Income Effects of Mining with Instrumental Variables

for Poverty Reduction Implications in Caraga Region, Philippines,

pp. 20-31


Majdi Ksantini and Younes Boujelbne

Impact of Financial Crises on Growth and Investment:

An Analysis of Panel Data, pp. 32-57


Firano Zakaria

Imperfection of Credit Markets, Speculative Bubbles and

Financial Accelerator in Morocco, pp. 58-81


Roger Hosein, Jeetendra Khadan and Amrita Deonarine

Intra Industry Trade in Trinidad and Tobago: Evidence from Static

and Dynamic Measures, pp. 82-112


Journal of International and Global Economic Studies

Volume 6, Number 2, December 2013


Wen-jen Hsieh

The Stock Market and Macroeconomic Variables in New Zealand

and Policy Implications, pp. 1-12.


Karla Borja

International Private Transfers and Labor Participation in El Salvador, pp. 13-31.


Tze-Wei Fu, Mon-Li Lin and Yu-Hsiang Lin

The Effects of Military Competition between the United States and China

on the Defense Spending of Asia-Pacific Countries, pp. 32-44.


Jo-Hui Chen and Yu-Fang Huang

The Study of the Relationship between Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emission

and Economic Growth, pp. 45-61.


Journal of International and Global Economic Studies

Volume 6, Number 1, June 2013


Imen Mohamed Sghaier and Zouheir Abida

Foreign Direct Investment, Financial Development and Economic Growth:

Empirical Evidence from North African Countries, pp. 1-13.


Javed Iqbal and Muhammad Najam uddin

Forecasting Accuracy of Error Correction Models: International Evidence

for Monetary  Aggregate M2, pp. 14-32.


Yaghoob Jafari and Jamal Othman

Potential Economic Impacts of the Malaysia-Us Free Trade Agreement,

pp. 33-47.


Yu-Cheng Lai

Do R&D or Capital Expenditures Impact Wage Inequality? 

Evidence from the IT Industry in Taiwan ROC, pp. 48-53.