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Think you may want to become one of the members of Alpha Psi Omega? Here are just some of the exciting opportunities APO has to offer!

Membership to the largest theatre honorary society.
Wearing the APO honor cords at graduation.
Eligibility for Southeastern APO Theatre Events.
Making new friends with similar interests.
Excellent for your resume by including theatrical academic achievements.

APO also offers a wide array of social events such as field trips, workshops, fundraisers, networking with peers and professionals and hands-on experience in a theatrical setting. Does that entice you? Then read on about how to join our group!

Becoming a member

Starting the process is simple. Just get involved! Almost anything theatrical you do can get you points towards a national membership, as will helping out our committees or at other APO-related events. Chapter dues are $10 per semester and once you reach the requirements for national membership there is a onetime initiation fee of $35 along with chords you receive with your national membership.

If you are new and want to become a member of Alpha Psi Omega you must go through the initiation.

To Obtain Alpha Psi Omega Membership status:
Memorize: One monologue or theatre-related presentation to be performed at the end of the semester.
Usher at least one mainstage production put on by SLU or the Columbia Theatre.
Pay $10 chapter dues once per semester.
Complete 20 hours of service through APO and other theatre related events (per academic year).
Pass the Initiation exam.

To Maintain Alpha Psi Omega Membership:
Pay $10 chapter dues once per semester.
Complete 20 service hours per academic year (10 per semester) through APO and other theatre related events.
Maintain good academic standing.

To Obtain National Membership:
Maintain APO membership and complete 75 points through theatre related events.
Pay a one time only fee of $35.


Every member wishing to obtain National Membership is required to acquire a certain amount of points. 75 Points are required to obtain national points can be earned through things such as participating in committees, being in shows, or doing behind the scenes work.

25 Points can come from shows done outside of SELU.
50 Points must come from Southeastern.
Of those 50 points, half of them must come from services done through APO.
Once all points are obtained, a one time fee of $35 must be paid.


What is a committee? Committees are a great way to get involved in APO. You provide many services and functions that help our organization run more smoothly and promote us in a positive light. We have several different committes to which each of the responisibilities are listed below:

Mainstage - When you become a part of the mainstage committee, you help maintain an organized evening of theatre. In this committee, you will act as a usher for our mainstage productions. Some duties may include but are not limited to: helping people find their seats, passing out programs, and promoting a sense of order in the theatre.

Media - By joining the media committee you are our paper and electronic liason. In the media committee you help spread our name through publication, in the Lion's Roar, on websites, newspaper, television etc. The media committee is also responsible for the physical history of our club. It involves taking pictures, designing scrapbooks, and recording videos of our events, to have visual proof of our history for others.

Festivities - The festivity committee is the planner of all events regarding Alpha Psi Omega. You help plan our fundraisers, come up with ideas and philanthropies, and also collaborate with the tabling committee on fundraisers/events to bring in people.

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