Reproductive Biology of the Ophidia

Robert Aldridge introducing the symposium.

Daniel G. Blackburn (speaker) and James R. Stewart - "Evolution of Placentation in Viviparous Thamnophine Snakes

Tom W. Ecay (speaker) and James R. Stewart - "Reproductive and Developmental Physiology of Calcium Provision to Embryonic Snakes\

Stanley E. Trauth (speaker) with David M. Sever - "Comparative Male Urogenital Anatomy of North American Colubroid Snakes"

M. Rockwell Parker (speaker) and Robert Mason - "Sex Expression in Snakes: The Interplay Between Hormones and Pheromone Production"

Emily Taylor - "Hormones and Reproduction in Free-Living Snakes"

Robert Mason - "Chemical Ecology of Snakes: From Pheromones to Receptors"

Xavier Bonnet - "The Evolution of Semelparity"

Neil Ford (speaker) and Richard Seigel - "Factors Influencing Offspring Size in Snakes"

Anne Bronikowski (speaker), Amanda Sparkman, Dawn Byars, and Neil Ford - "The Role of Insulin/IGF1 Signaling

in Snake Reproduction"

Dustin Siegel (speaker), Aurelien Miralles, and Robert Aldridge - Comparative Female Cloacal Morphology of the Caenophidia"

Sean P. Graham (speaker), Leanne Sewell, Ryan Earley, and Mary Mendonca - Endocrine/Immune

Interactions during Reproduction in Snakes"

Benjamin Jellen (speaker) and Robert Aldridge - "Mating Order: A Proximate Mechanism Underlying the Occurrence of Differential Paternity Within the Ophidia"

David M. Sever (speaker) and Stanley E. Trauth - "The Anterior Testicular Ducts of Snakes"

Zach Stahlschmidt (speaker) and Dale DeNardo - "Parental Care: Implications and Motivations of Python Egg-Brooding Behavior"

Randolph Krohmer - "Neuroendocrine and Environmental Regulation of Courtship and Mating in the Male Red-Sided Garter Snake"

Robert Aldridge (speaker), Ben Jellen, and Dustin Siegel - "Seasonal Variation in the Relative Mass of the Testis and Sexual Segment of the Kidney in the Ophidia"

Kevin Gribbins (speaker), David M. Sever, and Stanley E. Trauth - "The Ultrastructure of Spermiogenesis within the Agkistrodon Complex"