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2006 - 2007

 Curriculum & Instruction Advanced Programs

ESL Concentration Candidate Responses


This course was an excellent learning experience for me.  I have a 
considerable amount of research and website links in which to refer, new content 
knowledge and skills, and a new understanding of technology.  I feel like the 
course was designed for students to experience content knowledge with hands-on 
experiences (such as the field experiences and lesson plans) which helped me 
better internalize the knowledge.  I am amazed how all of the assignments, 
readings, group work, research, etc. was executed using technology.  This course 
was very beneficial to my professional development.”  EDUC 528 Candidate


“I consider the Conceptual Framework and the National Board Standards to be general guides to use in helping me in being a professional, effective teacher of any student I may teach.  I see the TESOL Standards as a more specific guide for me to use in teaching ESL students in the future.  The TESOL Standards not only include teachers having knowledge of the 5 domains of culture, language, instruction, assessment, and professionalism, but also state that teachers must apply their knowledge of these domains in their professional duties.  Knowledge is important and necessary for a teacher, but it also must be applied so that its benefits can be manifested in ESL students’ learning.  TESOL Standards can be a guide in the practical activities of my profession.”  EDUC 516 Candidate


“This semester I have learned so much by taking Education 516. When I read in Chapter 8 about Total Physical Response activities, I learned how to make simple commands part of my lesson for my ESL children. By playing these fun “games” the ELL students can learn to understand commands but also be able to give commands. This falls under the conceptual framework of strategies/methods.  Upon looking at the National Board Standards I found that Proposition 3: Teachers are Responsible for Managing and Monitoring Student Learning really helped me. This standard falls under the idea of using portfolios in the classroom. Portfolios are a great way to monitor student learning. Portfolios are a great way to find strengths of a student but also their weakness. This will allow the teacher to make the lesson more meaningful when creating lessons.”   EDUC 516 Candidate


“I’ve learned so much in my ESL classes this summer.  I have learned new techniques that will help me teach my students to think.  So many times, I believe that we tell students that they need to learn something, but don’t tell them the thought processes that might occur when they are learning.  Using “think-alouds” in the classroom is a valuable teaching/learning strategy that is very beneficial to my students.  (I think about middle school students, who get to middle school and asked “don’t you know how to study?”  Did someone ever really show them how to study?  Or is it just a given? )  Also, if I tend to ask “simple, yes/no questions all of the time, how do I expect my students to think beyond a “yes/no” answer?”  EDUC 528 Candidate












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