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2006-2007 Program Year

Initial Certification Program Candidate Responses


School Improvement and Impact on Student Learning



“I know that the GLE must match the Objectives being taught in the lesson.  This semester I used GLE for students to create models of planets and be able to identify the planets.  Students made model planets from paper-mache and used the models to construct a commercial about their planet.”


“Understanding how my students learned and participated allowed me to successfully incorporate specific GLEs and therefore provided me with the tools to effectively teach each student during Practicum I and Practicum II.  For example, I created PowerPoint presentations so that my visual learners could understand the material better and provide their input to the class discussions.  Because many students had trouble reading by themselves, the majority of a novel that the class read was read aloud and there were in depth discussions on each chapter to ensure that these students comprehended the novel.  The class had many discussions relating the novel to real life experiences so ensure a deeper and more meaningful experience with the characters of the novel.  I believe that I provided a positive impact on student learning by creating lesson plans that ensured that every student benefited from the content.  By focusing on a variety of ways to implement my lesson, I tried to accommodate each individual difference and completely utilize each GLE”







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