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Louisiana Supplement Standards Exhibits List
LASS 1.1 Initial Level Certification Candidates, Results of Louisiana
Supplement Standards Survey, 2006-2007
LASS 1.2 2006-2007 Program Year Initial Certification Program Candidate Responses on School Improvement and Impact on Student Learning

LASS 1.3

POST ASSESSMENT Fall 2006 & Spring 2007 - Advanced  Programs, Louisiana Supplement Standards
LASS 1.4

Advanced Programs - Leading  in a Culture of Change - EDUC 693

LASS 1.5 Advanced Programs - School Improvement Plan EDUC 688
LASS 1.6 Advanced Programs Mini-Research Project - EDUC 678
LASS 1.7 EDL Assessment 2: Case Study, Seminar I:  Facilitating a High Quality Learning Community

LASS 1.8

EDL Assessment 3:  School Improvement Plan, Seminar II: Organizational Management and Legal Issues

LASS 1.9

EDL Strategic Plan, Seminar III: Human Resources and School Community Relations
LASS 1.10 Follow-Up Survey - Employer/Employee Data - Educational   Leadership Program

LASS 1.11

2005-2006 Southeastern Exit Survey
Table 16 Educational Leadership
Table 17 Counselor Education Program
Table 18 Teaching And Learning
Table 20 Communication Sciences and Disorders

2006-2007 Southeastern Exit Survey

LASS 1.12

Spring 2007 Professional Attributes Scale

LASS 1.13 CSD 611 Clinical Practicum
LASS 1.14 Advanced Programs - Reading Competency Matrix
LASS 1.15 Teacher Education Graduate Follow-Up Survey 2006-2007
LASS 1.16 Teacher Education Graduate Follow-Up Survey 2005-2006
LASS 1.17 Final Report on Student Teaching/Internship/Practicum 2004-2007
LASS 1.18 CSD Application Form 2005-2006
LASS 1.19 CSD Clinical Skills Competency Checklist
LASS 1.20 CSD Knowledge and Skills Acquisition (KASA)
LASS 1.21 Results of Faculty Evaluation - Advanced Dispositions Form 2006-2007
LASS 1.22 C&I Advanced Programs - ESL Concentration Candidate Responses





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