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 The basic teaching load at Southeastern is the equivalent of 15 hours of lecture per week during a regular academic term (Faculty Handbook, p. 46). The College of Education and Human Development’s basic teaching load during a regular term is the equivalent of 15 hours of lecture per week for a full time instructor and 12 hours of lecture per week for a tenure track faculty member. Visiting professors with proper credentials will teach 12 hours per week.  A full-time faculty member teaching a graduate course in the regular term will normally receive a one-course reduction in assignment and will, therefore, have a load of 9 hours of lecture per week. Full-time doctoral faculty members are awarded a one course reduction in assignment for supervising doctoral theses and monitoring students in the field plus a three hour release time to pursue scholarly research, and, therefore, will have a teaching load of 6 hours of lecture a week.  Certain courses carry a 400/500 level number assignment, and the following stipulation will govern their utilization as part of a teaching load: Dual numbered classes having 8 or more graduate students enrolled in the graduate course will count as a graduate course for load computation. Reductions in teaching loads may be made for committee and administrative assignments and scholarly activities. As part of their regular duties, faculty members will provide supervision of student teachers and of practicum and intern students in both undergraduate and graduate programs. Normally, the supervision of four to six student teachers carries a three-hour credit equivalency.

Faculty members may be granted “reassigned time” projects within their teaching load. The “reassigned time” project must be developed in cooperation with and approved by the academic department head and Dean. A three-hour reassigned time project for faculty carries an expectancy of increased emphasis by the faculty member in professional activity, teaching, service, or administrative activity.

Faculty will occasionally have an opportunity to teach courses as an overload assignment. The expectancy is that such courses will be off the main campus and will be provided as a part of the College of Education’s mission of outreach and public service to the service region. Faculty overloads should be minimized by department heads in schedule planning.




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