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Part IV: Responsibilities and Duties of Faculty

Section K. Teaching Loads  

The basic teaching load at Southeastern is the equivalent of 15 hours of lecture per week. Normally two or three hours of laboratory assignment are calculated as one lecture hour. Reductions in teaching loads may be made for committee and administrative assignments and for scholarly activities.


Southeastern Louisiana University encourages faculty and staff members to become involved in activities that enhance the University’s mission of instruction, research, and service. This may include, but is not limited to, teaching off-campus courses, teaching non-credit courses through Continuing Education, and engaging in scholarly and creative projects sponsored by external funding sources. These activities are used as a means of enriching scholarly competence and providing modern, high-quality academic programs to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to others in the community.


It is the general policy of the University that sponsored projects (grants and contracts) be undertaken on a reassigned-time basis. The summer sessions are often a convenient period for 9-month employees to pursue sponsored projects on a full-time basis or to split efforts between teaching and sponsored projects. When an employee undertakes sponsored projects on a reassigned-time basis, the grant/contract is charged for that portion of time devoted to the project. This amount may be charged directly to the externally funded portion of the grant or be credited as a required university match, depending upon the terms of the approved grant application.

The rate of compensation for sponsored projects shall be the same as that paid by the University, in accordance with federal guidelines. In those instances where it is not possible for an employee to be released from regular University duties to undertake sponsored projects, additional compensation may be received as indicated in Guidelines for Approval for Supplemental Compensation. The policy of a sponsoring agency shall govern additional compensation when it is more restrictive than the University’s policy. It should be noted that few federal agencies allow for overload compensation. Persons who are successful at receiving more than one concurrent grant, therefore, are responsible for hiring sufficient staff to assist in administering and directing the projects.




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