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Unit Committee Membership in 2006-2007 





Center for Student Excellence Advisory Committee

Drs. Elliott, Wood

College of Education Curriculum Committee

Dr. Nauman  (chair), Dr. Diane Allen, Dean
Drs. Alessi, Ballard, Campbell, Day, Dembowski, Jacob, Kulkin, Neal, Trowbridge, Ratcliff

Counseling and Human Development Tenure and Promotion Committee

Drs. Alessi, Ballard, Emerson, Johnson, Rolling

Counseling and Human Development Tenure and Promotion Review Committee

Drs. Ahn, Alessi, Ballard, Johnson, Kulkin, Rolling, Williams

Council for Teacher Education

Drs. Ballard, Carr, Day, Jacob, McMillon

Deanís Advisory Committee

Drs. Ballard, Dembowski

Distant Learning Sub-Committee

Drs. Hancock


Dr. Ahn, Dr. Traylor, Dr. Echols, and Mr. Simoneaux

Educational Leadership Comprehensive Exams

Dr. Harchar (chair)

Educational Leadership Curriculum Committee

Dr. Nauman  (chair), Drs. Adams and Armenta

Educational Leadership Tenure & Promotion Committee

Drs. Ennis and Nauman

ETEC Planning Committee

Drs. Adams, Dembowski,  Ennis, Hancock and Sweeney

Faculty Senate

Drs. Armenta, Beard, Boykin, Caffery, Hines, Johnson, Kirylo, Schulte, Smith, Traylor

Graduate Council

Drs. Anzelmo-Skelton, Wadlington, Williams

Hearst Foundation Research Grant

Drs. Harchar and Slaton


Drs. Jacob and Allen


Masterís of Art in Teaching Oral Defense

Drs. Autin (chair), Brocato, Elliott, Edwards, Goodwin, Hines (chair), Kirylo, Lester (chair), Partridge, Sadden, Schulte, Trowbridge, Yates (chair)

Masterís of Education, Educational Leadership Redesign Committee

Drs. Armenta, Campbell, Dembowski, DeVaney, Harchar, Hancock, Slaton, Smith

New Faculty Forum

Drs. Sadden and Smith

SARTE Committee

Dr. Neal (chair), Drs. Acosta, Armento, Anzelmo-Skelton, Bidner, Echols, Hines, Humphries, Lester, McMillon, Mitchell

Student Teaching Advisory Council Committee

Ms. Felder, Drs. Partridge and Sadden

Teaching & Learning, Curriculum Advisory Council

Ms. Ainsworth , Ms. Berry

Drs. Brocato, Day, Ratcliff, Thornhill

Teaching & Learning, Early Childhood Education

Ms. Ainsworth, Ms. Cheek, Ms Sawyer, Ms. Scherer,  Drs. Beard, Jacocks, Partridge

Teaching & Learning, Foundations Committee

Ms. Berry, Ms. Felder, Dr. Goodwin

Teaching and Learning, Methods & Assessment Committee

Drs. Autin, Bidner, Brocato, Edwards, McCarthy, McCormich, Schulte, Simoneaux, Taylor, Trowbridge, Wood, Ms. Morgan, Ms. Warren

Teaching & Learning, Peer Review Committee

Drs. Autin, Brocato, Kirylo, Lester, Sadden, Thornhill

Teaching & Learning, Reading Committee

Drs. Elliott, Kirylo, Lester, Sadden, Thornhill, Traylor, Wadlington

Teaching & Learning, Special Education Program Committee

Ms. Davis, Drs. Carr, Hines, Klein-Ezell, Ratcliff (Chair), Siegel, Skelton, Van derJagt, Yates


Drs. Siegel (chair), Schulte, Hancock, Williams, Quinn, Slaton, and Mr. Calvin

Wallace Partnership Committee

Drs. Dembowski, Harchar, Slaton and Smith






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