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SPED 495 Lesson/Unit Template 

Subject (Grade levels): Subject you are teaching and grade level.  

GLE Objective: Address the GLE objective and standard   

Behavior Objective:
Make sure that this is clear, concise, and measurable

Example:  TSW demonstrate repeated one-digit addition in an activity with 80% accuracy. 

Procedures:  (List and number steps) Modeling, scaffolding, and task analysis 
Differentiate What
: What will you differentiate in the lesson. Example: reading, math, writing, etc.  

Differentiate How: How will you differentiate instruction in this lesson. (What strategy will you use?) List the learning styles and multiple intelligences and list how you will address each style in this lesson, based on the individual students in your class.   

Resources Needed: What resources do you need? What resources do the students need?  Supplementary material. 

Teacher Preparation:  What materials did you have to prepare before the lesson.  How much time did it take? 

Accommodations and Modifications (For each student identified with disabilities or who qualifies for 504.

Example:  Johnny- What accommodations and/or modifications needed for each student (may be different or may be similar)

Suzy- How will you accommodate for early finishers?


Multicultural Integration: How will you consider cultural differences in your lesson?


Approximate time to complete project: Length of lesson


Evaluation or Grading Rubric (if applicable): How will you evaluate the studentís progress? 

Example:  A rubric will be used to check student knowledge and understanding of placing, counting, and adding items in the rows for the activity.  (Attached)


Technology Integration:  How will you integrate technology into the lesson plan?


Reflection of Inclusion Implementation

After the lesson you will write a two-page self evaluation which includes:  Outcomes of the lesson including strengths and needs in your teaching did you successfully differentiate instruction? How did you consider cultural differences and individual differences? And lastly, your overall opinion of your teaching and the grade you should receive and why.

SPED 495 Differentiated Instruction Lesson Plan Evaluation Rubric


Evaluator: _____________________________


Lesson Topic: __________________________


Date: ________________________________


Overall Score:  ________________________







GLE Objective

GLEís and Standards are appropriately referenced.

Some relevant standards are referenced. Lesson includes too many or too few standards that are not relevant to the lesson.

Standards and GLEís are alluded to a lesson and the lesson is not related to standards.

No standards are mentioned in the lesson.



Objectives are clear, concise, and measurable and provide a clear sense of what students will know and be able to do as a result of the lesson. The objectives are clearly and closely related to standards.

Objectives provide some sense of what students will know and be able to do as a result of the lesson. Most of the objectives are related to standards.

Objectives do not provide a clear sense of what students will know and be able to do as a result of the lesson.

Objectives are missing, unclear, or are unrelated to standards.

Instructional Activities

Activities provide a logical clear path to meeting objectives using methods of scaffolding through task analysis.

Activities are not related to the objectives. A few activities may not be clear and are accessible of more than one learning style or strength.

Activities relate peripherally to objectives. Activities are not accessible to students with different learning styles.

Activities are unrelated to the objective. Many activities are extraneous and there is no attempt to individualize activities for learning styles or strengths.

Differentiated Instruction

Lesson clearly offers appropriate, creative, and well integrated challenges for students of all levels based on MI survey, IEP information and/or learning styles inventory.

Lesson includes some differentiated instruction for some students based on information gathered.

Lesson plan included minimal differentiated instruction, limited to either high ability or low ability students.

No differentiation of instruction is mentioned

Supporting Materials and Resources

Supported materials and student handouts are clear, complete, and appealing to students. Materials enhance lesson significantly.

Supporting materials and student handouts are clear and complete. Materials enhance lesson. Resources needed for this lesson are included in plan.

Supporting materials and student handouts are messy, incomplete, and/or unappealing to students. Materials do not enhance lesson.

No supporting materials are included. Many resources needed for lesson are not included in plan.

Multicultural Perspective

 Lesson is based on consideration and understanding of cultural and linguistic needs, experiences and activities are specifically designed to teach a diverse group of students.



Lesson is based on class data for whole group instruction; plans reflect short-term learning needs; content assignments are differentiated, and classroom assessment and evaluation are adapted for use with diverse learners. 

Lesson demonstrates an attempt to consider assessment data, but does not translate into instructional plans; modifications may address a single culture group or a group of similarly diverse learners.

Lesson does not show evidence of cultural or linguistic considerations of student needs.


Spelling and grammar in lesson plan are flawless.

The lesson plan contains few spelling and grammar errors.


The lesson plan contains many spelling and grammar errors.


Spelling and grammar are unacceptable.

 (6 or more)

Grade Level Appropriateness

All objectives and activities are appropriate for the intended grade level.

Most objectives and activities are appropriate for the intended grade level.

Some, but not all, objectives are appropriate for the intended grade level.

Objectives and activities are inappropriate for the intended grade level.

Time Allotment

Flexible time allotment allows for objectives to be accomplished by all, included plans for early finishers.

Objectives are accomplishable by almost all students in the time allotted.

Objectives may not be accomplishable for many students in the time allotted.

Objectives are not accomplishable for most students in the time allotted.

Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment is aligned with standards and objectives; all students are given ample opportunity during and after the lesson to demonstrate understanding. Assessments require higher order thinking skills.

Assessment is aligned with standards and objectives; students are given ample opportunities to demonstrate understanding; assessments and evaluation provide opportunities to respond in varied formats.

Assessment is somewhat aligned with standards and objectives; students are given some opportunity to demonstrate understanding, but assessment and evaluation are generally designed for class in an objective format.

Assessment is not aligned with standards and objectives; students are given little opportunity during the lesson to demonstrate understanding.





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