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Lesson Plan


Candidate Name:_______________________

 Doyle Elementary, 2nd grade, Lacee Thompson

The Perfect Week of Weather, Language Arts

The Writing Process/Introduction to the Writing Process/Contractions

30 minutes

 Feb. 22, 2007/Day 1  


            1. Tsw identify word pairs and contractions aeb matching. 

            2. Tsw use the writing process correctly aeb writing.  


            GLE 28: Use Standard English punctuation, including: apostrophes in contractions. (ELA-3-E2)

            GLE 23:   Develop compositions of one or more paragraphs using writing processes such as the following: independently generating ideas for writing by using various strategies (e.g., listing, brainstorming, drawing), creating a plan (e.g., graphic organizer, web) appropriate to the purpose of writing, writing a first draft with a developed beginning, a middle, and an end, conferencing with a teacher or peers revising for clarity, grammatical and mechanical correctness, and/or to include additional information, creating a final draft for possible publication (ELA-2-E3)  

Ttw state, “Today you will learn about the steps to the writing process. You will also learn what a contraction is and when to use them.”  

Introduction: (3 min)

 Ttw ask ts what are some routines they do in the morning after waking up and before getting school. Ttw prompt ts if needed. Ttw record ts responses and leave up for later use.  

Procedures/Activities/Experiences/Concept Development:

Direct Instruction (8 min)

Writing Workshop

 Ttw introduce the writing process. Ttw go through every step and briefly describe what is done in each step. Ttw explain to ts that during the next two weeks they will be using the writing process to create their own book about their perfect week of weather. Ttw show an example of what the book will look like.


 Ttw read a short version of Green Eggs and Ham to ts. After reading ttw put a transparency on the board that contains the word pairs do not, I am, will not, that is, and I have. Ttw ask ts if they remember if any of these word pairs were in the story. Ttw explain to ts that these words can be shortened by substituting part of the second word with an apostrophe. Ttw explain to ts that the new words are contractions. Ttw make a connection by having ts think about a balloon. When you blow up a balloon it gets bigger it expands and when you let it out it gets smaller it contracts.  

Guided Practice (7 min)

 Ttw explain to ts that she is passing out strips of paper. The pink strips are the word pairs and the green strips are the contractions. Tsw keep the strip of paper face down on their desk until tt says to quietly walk around the room and find their match. When ts find their matching strip ts with the word pairs are to say their words and then ts with the contraction is to say their word. After all ts have found their matching strip tt and tsw review the contractions made.  

Independent Practice (5 min)

 Ttw give ts a sheet of paper that contains five pairs of words. Tsw change the words in to contractions. Tt and ts will review the contractions made.  

Closure/Confirm: (2 min) 

 Ttw review with ts the routines that they did in the mornings. Ttw connect those routines with the writing process. Ttw discuss how every morning ts go through their own process of getting ready for school.  

Assessment/Evaluation: (5 min)

 Ttw informally assess ts by observing them during guided and independent practice. During guided practice ttw observe how the students work together to find their partner and how quickly they put the words together. 

 Ttw formally assess ts by passing out another sheet of paper containing a different list of word pairs.   


            Writing Process board

            Example Book

            Dry erase markers

            Strips of paper with word pairs and contractions (24)  

            Green Eggs and Ham story

            Transparency with word pairs 

            Independent Practice Worksheet

            Assessment Worksheet


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 Accommodations/Individual Differences/Learners’ Needs:

tactile and kinesthetic learners- contractions activity that involves moving around the classroom

visual learners- overheads  

auditory learners- verbal directions given

interpersonal- group work

 There are no inclusion students in this classroom.  There is one student who has been identified to us as a student at-risk for a learning disability.  For this student, we will provide the accommodations that an inclusion student would require.  We will give him extra attention, more time to finish work, repeated directions, and preferential seating.




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