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Student Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching is based on the model of the EFFECTIVE EDUCATOR as prescribed by the Southeastern Louisiana University College of Education and Human Development.  The effective educator follows the conceptual framework to ensure a successful teaching career.  The parts of the conceptual framework are standards-based instruction, knowledge of the learner, best pedagogical practices, and content knowledge.  As a future elementary education teacher, I intend to incorporate all of these components into the classroom.

            STANDARDS-BASED INSTRUCTION is defined as course objectives and learner outcomes recommended by the Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching, National Board for Professional Standards, Learned Societies (International Reading Association), and Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium.  An example of a content standard for mathematics as set by the Louisiana Department of Education is in problem-solving investigations, students demonstrate an understanding of geometric concepts and applications involving one-, two-, and three-dimensional geometry, and justify their findings.  Grade level expectations clearly lay out what should be learned by the end of each grade level in each subject.  They are more specific than content standards.  A grade level expectation from third grade geometry reads, “Identify and draw segments, rays, and lines that are perpendicular, parallel, and intersecting.”

KNOWLEDEGE OF THE LEARNER is defined as a learning community comprised of individuals who demonstrate and value sensitivity to the needs of all learners.  According to the Louisiana Department of Education website one content standard for elementary students is to recognize the elements of a story such as plot, setting, and character.  In order to accommodate each type of learner in the classroom, I would use a variety of activities.  For example, to teach the kinesthetic and tactile learner I would write one story element on each color on a beach ball.  I would toss it to a student and whatever color his hand is on, he would have to define the story element and apply it to the story.  I would read and define the story elements for the auditory learners and make a handout for the visual learners.  I would have at least four different ways to teach every lesson to ensure every type of learner is reached. 

            BEST PEDAGOGICAL PRACTICES is defined by the ability to utilize available resources as candidates work in teams and collaborate to develop and implement effective instruction.  Every student will benefit from using a variety of teaching methods.  I plan to teach students in a number of ways including small group work, large group instruction, hands on experience, and individual work.  Students will develop the skills that are necessary to work alone and in groups to think critically and solve problems.    

CONTENT KNOWLEDGE is defined as the depth of knowledge in the specific content areas and breadth of understanding from general subjects. It is extremely important for effective educators to never stop learning.  To keep this from happening, I am open to the latest forms in which to research and gather information such as the internet.  One can learn many exciting things from the internet as well as how to brighten up a dull lesson.  I am also open to using perhaps the oldest form of gathering information: reading.  Books are tools that continue to unleash knowledge in classrooms everywhere.

            Classroom Management is of utmost importance to teachers.  My classroom will be arranged in small groups.  This will give the students an opportunity to interact together and create more space in the classroom.  I feel rules and consequences should be clearly laid out for students to see.  It might also be helpful to get the student involved in making the rules and consequences.  This not only promotes democracy, it will give students a better understanding of what their limits are and what to expect.  Positive reinforcement is a great motivator for students.  

            The conceptual framework provides a great model for the effective educator.  Standards-based instruction, knowledge of the learner, best pedagogical practices, and content knowledge are elements that a true effective educator cannot deny.  Utilizing these key concepts along with proper classroom management will ensure success as a future elementary education teacher.          





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