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Intern Contract with Washington Parish

The Washington Parish School Board, Wallace Grant Foundation, and Jackie Jenkins do hereby enter a contract for an Educational Leadership Residence to begin  January 24, 2006 and end  June 30, 2006.

  • The purpose of the leadership residence is to provide Jackie Jenkins the opportunities to develop leadership skills while working full time with a principal or principals over a six month time period in schools that have critical needs due to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.
  • Salary to be the same as the normal teacher salary currently employed as. Fringe benefits and salary are to be reimbursed to the Washington Parish School System by The Wallace Southeastern Louisiana Partnership.  The Washington Parish School Board is to pay the salary of the replacement teacher.  For the month of June, additional salary will be paid on a per day basis at a rate of $_____ per day to Jackie Jenkins according to the number of days worked.  
  • Jackie Jenkins agrees to remain enrolled as a cohort member in a redesigned educational leadership program at Southeastern Louisiana University.
  • Jackie Jenkins also agrees to work one year after the completion of the residency for the Washington Parish School District.
  • Washington Parish School District agrees to place Jackie Jenkins in schools that have a significant number of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita’s children to assist the school principals during the residency.
  • Washington Parish School District agrees to release Jackie Jenkins from her existing position to participate in the 6 month Educational Leadership Residency and allow her the option to return to her existing position after completing the Educational Leadership Residency.
  • District/University Partnerships must identify specific knowledge, skills, and dispositions that candidates will be required to demonstrate while participating in the Educational Leadership Residencies that are aligned with Louisiana’s Standards for Principals and the educational leadership courses being completed by the candidates during the residencies.  Time will be allocated during the first two weeks of the residency for Jackie Jenkins to mentor the teacher who will be hired to teach children in Jackie Jenkins’ former classroom.
  • District/University Partnerships must assign a district and university mentor to support the Educational Leadership candidate while participating in the Educational Leadership Residency.






Jackie Jenkins



John Harchar:  Wallace Grant Foundation:


Dennie Fowler; Superintendent, Washington Parish School System




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