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Southeastern Wallace Partnership Meeting|
May 26, 2005 - 9:00 a.m.

The meeting was called to order by grant coordinator, John Harchar. Others present were: Bob Smith, SLU; Rayma Harchar, SLU; Edith Slaton, SLU; Tony Armenta, SLU; Representatives from all members of the partnership (excluding Livingston Parish) were present including the dean from SLU, Diane Allen and Jerry Payne, superintendent from Bogalusa City Schools, Nedra Irvin, St. Helena Parish; Patty Alford, Washington Parish; Pat Williams, Tangipahoa Parish; Marion Arrowsmith, St. Tammany Parish.  

The minutes were approved from April 28, 2005. 

John Harchar said that we have several people from the Partnership going to the Nashville 2005 Model Schools Conference (June 26 – 29) and have budgeted 1,640 x 6 people = $9,840.  

Bob Smith has been invited to attend the SREB training on School Improvement Plan Creation which is a new module. We are honored that Bob Smith was invited, since invitations were very limited.  

On June 22, 2005, a preview to the SREB Module, Creating High Performance Learning Cultures will be presented from 9 AM to 4 PM. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce the research-based workshops for new leadership strategies that are available through the Partnership, Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), and the Wallace Foundation Grant. It is our hope that our members will request workshops like these for their schools. 

Washington representative, Patty Alford, requested that six Washington Parish High School Teachers receive Wallace assistance for attending the High Schools that work conference July 11-15, in Nashville. A motion was made by Jerry Payne and seconded by Nedra Irvin that we pay the teachers’ registration with the stipulation that they share their new knowledge through presentations to surrounding schools. 

John Harchar expressed a need for a written policy for use of Wallace funds. Pat Williams agreed to be responsible for the creation of this policy. Discussion about the late notice by the State for upcoming SREB workshops and meetings were discussed. It is a real problem and prevents voting on certain money issues. A motion was made by Patty Alford that John Harchar be able to make decisions for use of funds as long as the decision is within the parameters of the Wallace budget.  Pat Williams seconded the motion.  

The remainder of the meeting consisted of writing the Wallace Year One Cooperative Endeavor Agreement. (See attached roster for complete listing of contributors.) The document was reviewed by the partnership members present. Discuss as to actual verbiage of the document followed with much positive interaction. Lunch was served. The review of the proposal continued until the document was complete. All Partnership members present* signed the agreement.  *Mr. Harchar will make a personal visit to Livingston Parish and provide an update and solicit any further suggestions, as well as get their approval. 

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m. 

The next meeting will be held August 4, 2005 in the EDL Conference room 100




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