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Program Selection Procedures

Southeastern Louisiana University
Department of Educational Leadership and Technology

Admission Requirements for
Master’s Degree program in Educational Leadership 

NOTE: Normally, the due dates for admissions consideration are March 1 for Fall Semester and October 1 for Spring Semester.  For this inaugural group of students, the portfolio is due June 6, 2005. 

Phase I (application phase): In order to advance to Phase II, applicants must submit, to the Graduate Coordinator, a portfolio containing the following: 

1.         a copy of the applicant’s letter of acceptance from the Southeastern Louisiana University Office of Graduate Admissions;

2.         letter of application that includes the applicant’s reasons for selecting this particular career option;

3.         a curriculum vita (resume) including applicant’s full name, address, telephone number(s), email address, student identification number (W#), academic preparation, prior related work and leadership experiences, degrees held, honors, awards, special interests, and other appropriate information.

4.         a completed referral form (see attached) from a school official who can attest to the applicant’s leadership potential and likelihood of success in the program;

5.         verification of a minimum 2.5 undergraduate grade point average;

6.         scores from Verbal and Quantitative portions of the Graduate Record Exam (scores will be used in concert with grade point average to determine if students meet the entrance standard);

7.         a valid teaching certificate;

8.         verification of a minimum of three successful years of teaching experience in either public or private schools;

9.         an autobiographical narrative showing evidence of life experiences and personal maturity consistent with program expectations for entry into a professional training program in School Leadership;

10.        satisfy all other Southeastern Louisiana University graduate admission requirements (see General Catalogue for specifics). 

Phase II (selection phase): Applicants who have satisfactorily met all the requirements in Phase I will advance to the selection process. 

1.         Candidates will be invited to campus for interviews and to produce a writing sample.

2.         Candidates who successfully complete the interview and writing sample will be asked to obtain a “Memorandum of Understanding” from their school district by which the district indicates its willingness to support the candidate in meeting the requirements of the program.

3.         Once the Memorandum of Understanding is received, candidates will be notified of full acceptance into the program and will be assigned to a fall or spring cohort.

4.         Candidates accepted into the program will receive information about course registration as well as other information needed prior to beginning the program. 

If you have questions, feel free to contact the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Ann Nauman, by email at anauman@selu.edu or by phone at (985) 549-5203.

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