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LEAD Southeastern Louisiana

Wallace Partnership Committee Meeting

 August 31, 2006

9 a.m.


Members present: Jan Benton - Livingston, Nedra Irvin - St. Helena, Patty Alford - Washington, Edith Slaton - SLU, Rayma Harchar - SLU, Pat William - Tangipahoa, Fred Dembowski - SLU, Francis Varando - Washington, Margaret Sharpe - St. Tammany, Alva Martin -  Bogalusa, and John Harchar . 

The meeting commenced at 9:00a.m. with the reading and approval of the minutes from the August 31, 2006 meeting. Dr. Dembowski made a motion to approve the minutes and Margaret Sharpe seconded.
Motion Approved

John Harchar opened by updating the committee on program updates. The committee was provided handouts containing information about the Final 2005 - 2006 Year Budget and Carry-over, events calendar and NASSP/Lead Assessment Center scheduled for October 3rd. John Harchar provided additional information concerning the center and application procedures. Dr. Dembowski informed the committee that professors would only be available until noon on that day due to NCATE meetings.  

The next item was a discussion about the July 2006 - June 2007 Implementation Plan.  John Harchar opened the floor for a discussion about areas of growth and expansion to meet the identified needs during the next funding cycle of the grant. Discussion followed. He further went on to elaborate on the July 2006 - June 2007 Scope of Work, recruitment and selection, implementation, induction and mentoring and professional development. Dr. Harchar explained the Gallupís Principal Insight Program and how it will aide in the selection and admission of future candidates into the leadership program.  It was mentioned that St. Tammany Parish School District is interested in using the Gallup program in the selection of their aspiring leaders. Dr. Kathy Campbell provided the committee with information and progress of the grant concerning the Southeastern School Leadership Institute. 

New Business:
Dr. Harchar discussed field-based activities to be used by the teacher leader cohort and mentoring. She also informed the committee about her new role as Field Service Coordinator for the educational leadership program. 

The next item of discussion was the Educational Leadership Residencies for Livingston and Washington Parishes. John Harchar elaborated on the need for surveys and comments that will provide information on the strengths and weaknesses of the program. The floor was then open to discuss how to accomplish future residence opportunities. It was agreed that additional discussion is needed at the next committee meeting. 

The SREB Mentor Modules Training information was discussed by Kathy Campbell and future training opportunity in the state. John Harchar distributed information about future workshop opportunity available to each partner. 

Other Business:
Dr. Dembowski shared highlights of specific changes and accomplishments in the leadership program. He provided documents to the committee that contained information about the fall and spring schedule. 

Before the meeting concluded, the next LEAD Partnership Committee meeting was announced with a correction to the date. The new meeting date was approved for September 25. 

A motion to adjourn was made by Pat Alford and seconded by Dr. Rayma Harchar.            Motion Approved




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