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Field Experience Fall 2006/Spring 2007

Southeastern Louisiana University Mentor/Partner Field Experience Questionnaire

Fall 2006/Spring 2007       Name of School     _________________________

For each of the statements below, please indicate the extent of your agreement or disagreement by checking one statement.

1.        Disagree (D)

2.        Agree     (A)

3.        Strongly Agree (SA)

4.        Not Applicable (NA)


























1.  Scheduling candidates for observations and/or teaching experiences in my classroom was easy and convenient.





2.  Candidates displayed appropriate professionalism (dress, conduct, interaction with students).





3.  Candidates displayed ethical and competent behavior.





4.  Candidates displayed openness to work with diverse students, i.e. race, gender, ethnicity, exceptionality.





5.  The instructions provided by each university professor were clear.





6.  The organizational structure for assigning candidates to my classroom was effective.





7.  Accepting candidates in my classroom was beneficial to my students.





8.  Accepting candidates in my classroom was beneficial to me as a teacher.





Please complete the following statements;

10.  My school has a contact person who schedules observations/direct teaching for each cooperating teacher.    _____yes     _____no 

11.  The average number of teacher candidates who visited my classroom this semester was

        Daily  ____________


12.  Teacher candidates were allowed to assist students in my class who needed one-on-one assistance or tutoring.  ______yes     _____Candidates only observed. 

13.  Each candidate had a Form C singed indicating that he/she had observed or direct taught in my class.  _______yes    _______no 

14.  Form B on the demographics of my class was prepared in advance and available for all Southeastern candidates so that classroom disturbance was minimal. ____yes  _____no 

15.    I have completed the Field-Based Teacher Experience Questionnaire (Form A) and returned it to the Office of Field Experience.  ______yes _______no 

If you have not completed Form A and returned it to Office of Field Experience, please contact Janis Vicknair, Director of Field Experience by e-mail at  jvicknair@selu.edu

The form will be e-mailed to you for completion. 

Thank you




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