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3a.1 Professional Attributes Scale
3a.2 End of Year Questionnaire
3a.3 Wallace Grant Team Members

Wallace meeting Minutes 8/31
3a.4 Program Selection Procedures
3a.5 Wallace Meeting Minutes
3a.6 Sample Principal Input
3a.7  Intern contract-Washington Parish
3a.8 Agreement with 10 Southeastern Districts
3a.9 Internship Specific Criteria - Office of Student Teaching
3a.10 Master List of Districts / Schools
3a.11 Project TEACH
3a.12 Project IMPACT
3b.1 Undergraduate Courses and Field Hours Required
3b.2 Internship Guidelines for Masterís in EDL
3b.3 Table 6: Field Experiences and Clinical Practice Programs
3b.4 Course Syllabi
3b.5 Student Philosophy
3b.6 Methods Examination
3b.7 Graduate Curriculum and Instruction Courses
3b.8 Making Connections/GLE
3b.9 Lesson Plan Format
3b.10 Teacher Work Sample
3b.11 SPED 663 Evaluation Rubric
3b.12 Seminar I
3b.13 SREB Module Training
3b.14 Fieldwork Reporting Form
3b.15 EDL SPA Report
3b.16 Ed.D Portfolio Templates
3b.17 Form A
3b.18 Supervising Teacher Journal
3c.1 Initial Candidates Eligibility and Completion Rates
3c.2 Advanced EDL Eligibility and Completion Rates
3c.3 COEHD Assessment System
3c.4 Lesson Plan
3c.5 PASS-PORT Rubric
3c.6 Electronic Portfolio Handbook
3c.7 Professional Improvement Plan
3c.8 Supervising Teacher's Journal
3c.9 Evaluation Report of Teaching
3c.10 Video Taped Lesson
3c.11 University Supervisor Weekly Report
3c.12 Masters of Educational Leadership Guidelines
3c.13 Seminar 1
3c.14 Seminar 2
3c.15 Seminar 3
3c.16 Practicum Evaluation
3c.17 Form C
3c.18 Reflections of Learning Questionnaire



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