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NCATE Standard 2 Meeting Minutes September 2007

At this meeting, the committee discussed the revised Conceptual Framework and the validity and reliability assessment instruments created by Dr. Oescher.  

NCATE Standard 2 Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2007


1.      Representatives of Family & Consumer Science will participate in the meetings but are not required to complete the Institutional  Report or other documents for the NCATE visit.  The SPA report for the Department of Counseling & Human Development (CACREP) will be used for that purpose. 

2.      Identify people to be interviewed for the visit in April.  We need undergraduate and graduate students in all departments,  faculty in COEHD and partner colleges,  and mentor/supervising teachers. Other? 

3.      Conceptual Framework: Bookmarks and posters are available.   Dr. Julie Lester is the Chairperson for Conceptual Framework.  Department Heads will distribute items unless otherwise requested. 

4.      PASS-PORT:  All undergraduate and graduate students are required to post to their account.   

5.      The steering committee chose to adopt the revised standards & format  (hand-out) for the visit.  The new report format allows a maximum of six pages for each section.


·        document describing the unit’s assessment system in detail (for IR narrative)

·        samples of formative and summative assessments used to ensure candidates are ready to progress through the program and enter the profession

·        minutes of meeting on the development and refinement of the assessment system

·        unit or institutional policies for handling student complaints

·        file of student complaints and the unit’s response

·        policies and procedures that ensure that data are regularly collected and used to make improvements  

6.      Validity & Reliability of Assessment Instruments—Advice from Dr. Oescher 

7.      Employer & Employee Surveys—Dr. Anzelmo-Skelton 

8.      Future Meetings: October 9 & November 13, 2:00 in Rm. 2007 

e-mail : cedwards@selu.edu, Lori.Brocato@selu.edu, cyates@selu.edu, Colleen.Klein@selu.edu, nanzelmo-skelton@selu.edu, tdevaney@selu.edu, Jeffrey.Oescher@selu.edu, Mindy.Dorough@selu.edu, prolling@selu.edu, lsynovitz@selu.edu, finlstansbury@selu.edu 

Support Persons:

Charlotte Humphries   (Kinesiology/Health Studies) Charlotte.Humphries@selu.edu

Christina Mitchell  (Arts, Humanities, & Social Studies)  cmitchell@selu.edu

Danny Acosta  (Science & Technology) acosta2@selu.edu

Michelle Hall (Ofc. Institutional Research)  Michelle.Hall@selu.edu

Cindy Elliott (La. Supplement Standards-LASS) celliott@selu.edu

Flo Winstead (NCATE Director) mwinstead@selu.edu  




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