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NCATE Standard 2 Meeting Minutes April 2007

At this meeting, the committee discussed the newly created graduate handbook for the Dept. of Teaching and Learning and the creation of a flowchart for unit assessment.

NCATE  Standard 2 April 2007 Meeting Minutes & Sign-in

The meeting was held April 17, 2007. Attendees: Jeffrey Oescher, Nicki Anzelmo-Skelton, Lori Brocato, Cheryl Edwards (Chair), Heidi Rhea, and Camille Yates.

 Agenda Items

1.      Review minutes of April 17 NCATE Steering Committee Meeting.

2.      Update: Draft of Standard 2 Institutional Report

3.      Update: Needs from each COEHD department for Institutional Report

4.      New Business

5.      NCATE Accreditation Visit scheduled for April 2008 


1.      Nicki and Cheryl are completing a flowchart document that will help complete the final report.

2.      The completed/approved Graduate Handbook will be referenced in the Institutional Report for Standard 2.

3.      Ed. Leadership: Jeff Oescher (Ed. Leadership) and Cheryl Edwards met with Flo Winstead, NCATE Coordinator, following the meeting to discuss the inclusion of specific information from his department in the Standard 2 report.

4.      We will be receiving an e-mail of the beginning IR draft from Cheryl. This is the first draft, which will be a starting point for our final report due to Flo in mid-October.




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