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 NCATE Standard 2 Meeting Minutes April 2006

At this meeting, the committee discussed major field assessments and that they are embedded in the unit assessment. They also discussed clarification needed in regard to the assessment of the counseling programs (advanced).

NCATE Standard II Minutes

Meeting 4/11/06

The meeting agenda is attached.

Agenda Item #1

Present: Flo Winstead, T. Devaney, Acosta, J. Hancock, J. Trowbridge, C. Yates, & C. Edwards

Agenda Item #2

Minutes from the March meeting were approved.

Agenda Item #3

Completed forms were explained:

  1. summary of assessments
  2. summary chart  to indicate evidence and what has not been completed

The Counseling Dept. in COEHD has not provided the needed information for the action plan. That department has recently completed requirements for certification. It is expected that the department representative will now provide the information to this committee.

Agenda Item #4

Dr. Loren Blanchard, NCATE representative, will visit the College on May 4.

Agenda Item #5: Individual Assignment Updates

Dr. Trowbridge: Summary Chart of Assessments (attached)

            #13 Delete “Program” in column Candidate, Program, or Unit.

            #14 Add “Summative” before Evaluation of Teaching (LCET)

Ms. Winstead asked if there were any changes that need to be made.  Devaney noted that some is unclear. We need to add to the Dept. of Ed. Leadership & Technology and the Dept. of Counseling.  The committee decided to create two pages:

  1. advanced degrees (3 departments)
  2. initial degrees (undergrad and MAT)

Draft reports by Yates (UG & MAT narratives) & Edwards (G & T/L narratives):

The committee members were asked to review the documents and respond with any changes needed.

The topic of adding a Portal 10 was tabled to revisit next academic year.

“Major Field” Assessment ŕ This should not be placed in the unit assessment, because it’s embedded in the unit assessment.  Each program in COEHD and all other colleges have a major field assessment.

Hancock & Devaney will provide the EDL narrative before the next meeting.

Ms. Winstead reported that the formal complaint process was approved  by DAC.  The use of the Data Flowchart was approved with one change. It would not be disseminated to the public until after final DAC approvel with the Dissemination of Executive Summary.

In the new graduate program, all candidates will complete the M-PEC pre-survey in the first research course (EDF 600).

Agenda Item #6

Future Assignments and Timelines based on 5/06 Action Plan

v     #1 Compile all narratives into one document.

v     #3 Flowchart—procedures for failure to meet expectations

Agenda Item #7

Follow-up surveys with employers/employees for teachers in Livingston Parish was piloted in 2004-05 and continued into 2005-06.  The assessment will be piloted in Tangipahoa Parish this year (2005-06).

The last meeting of this committee for the academic year is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9.




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