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NCATE Standard 2 Meeting Minutes February 2006

At this meeting, the committee discussed using data for program improvement, assignments for specific action plan tasks, and narratives for each of the COEHD departments.

NCATE Standard 2 Meeting

February 14, 2006

Agenda and Minutes

1.      Welcome - Flo Winstead welcomed new members Danny Acosta from Math and Rebecca Kruse from Chemistry/Physics Charlotte Humphries from Kinesiology.  The following members were present:  Tom Devaney, John Trowbridge, Flo Winstead, Camille Yates, Rebecca Kruse, Danny Acosta and Charlotte Humphries.  Absent were:  Thomas Caffery, Thomas Cothern, Michelle Hall, Jason Hancock, Dee Jacobsen, Cheryl Edwards (illness).

2.      Minutes - Ms. Winstead reviewed the minutes of the 1-10-06 meeting (formal complaint process, Action Plan and change of Gate to Portal) and asked for any corrections or additions.  No adjustments were noted and the minutes were approved.

3.      Update from Steering Committee – Questions raised: How are we using the data?  There is a procedure in place but appears to be a lack of follow-up.  NCATE is not a choice – it is required by the State to accredit a program.  The next development activity will be a workshop in March or April on Reflection.  We as faculty need to understand and decide how we want the students to do reflection.

4.      Action Plan Review – The action plan was reviewed for time frames and completion dates.

5.      Individual Task Assignments

v     Student Complaints and Graphics – Winstead – A draft Student Formal Complaint was discussed and decided that Flo will bring it before the DAC.  The committee decided that data should be gathered yearly and looked at for issues.  The term Gate was changed to Portal and the Management Plan was moved to Portal 3.  Discussion followed about encouraging Secondary majors to take EPSY 315 earlier in their programs.  Field Experience and Professional Development hours (5-10-10) were added to the portals 2, 3, and 4.  In Portal 3 the capstone methods course is different for each program and should be noted in the handbook.  In the capstone course candidates will do a lesson plan, assessment plan and 1 LCET evaluations. 

v     Use of Data  - Trowbridge – A chart was presented, discussed and suggestions made. The chart was adapted from McNeese chart.  It is a working living document that can be used to aggragate data.  There is a lot of data being gathered but not used as efficiently as could be.  Need to work more closely with other standards.  Example: Diversity to ensure data is collected or a candidate can be referred to the SARTE committee.   Flo will work on this.  This chart will need to include and be approved by Council for Teacher Education, Dean, Department heads, University Curriculum Committee before catalog changes can occur. 

v     Program Narratives –

§         Initial (MAT) – Yates – It has been started but is not complete.

§         T/L Advanced – Edwards – Absent due to illness – no report.

§         EDL Advanced – Devaney/Hancock

§         Counseling –Caffery

v     Other -  

John Trowbridge noted that he had called ACEI to obtain an example SPA report but has not received it yet.

6.      Task Assignments – Deadlines – Each academic year we must prepare a report of what has been done during that year.  The committee agreed that Tasks 2, 3, 4, and 5 are on-going and will need to be updated and/or revised each year.

7.      Next Steps –A draft of program narratives should be completed by March 14.  This will be a working draft and will be put together as one document for the April meeting.  The capstone methods experience courses in the new curriculum need to be identified (Elem Methods = 415 and Health Studies = 4??). MAT 670 is the capstone course for the MAT program

8.      Adjourned at 3:33 pm.




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