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NCATE Standard 2 Meeting Minutes December 2005

At this meeting, the committee discussed the action plan for unit assessment, the change in the portfolio from gate to portal, and the way formal complaints are received and documented.

NCATE Standard II Meeting Minutes

December 13, 2005

Members in Attendance:  Flo Winstead, John Trowbridge, Camille Yates, Tom DeVaney, Jason Hancock, and Cheryl Edwards

The November minutes were accepted as written by the committee.

The meeting agenda is attached to this report. (Attachment)

Agenda Item #3: Ms. Winstead related feedback from Dr. Jacob (Department of Teaching and Learning) and Michelle Hall (Office of Institutional Research) in response to the question from the NCATE Standard II committee about the narrative for the assessment system and unit evaluation. This is in regard to: (1) how records of formal candidate complaints and resolutions are maintained, (2) how data is used to improve the program, and (3) the major field assessment plan (Attachment).

Agenda Item #4: Action Plan for the NCATE Steering Committees (2005-2006) (Attachment)

We have to provide evidence that we have met at least “acceptable” on each of the three items/columns (Attachment):

  1. Assessment System

The new Conceptual Framework should be promoted among faculty and students. Professional standards are identified as SPAs. The points at which the key assessments/measures are identified are in portals.  We need to translate the chart to narratives.

  1. Data Collection, Analysis, and Evaluation

We need to pull out sections of the main chart to include in various parts of this section.

  1. Use of Data for Program Improvement

Dr. Yates suggested that we use the questions as a framework for writing narratives.  We need to make sure these align with “acceptable” status from NCATE.  She also suggested creating a flowchart or other graphic to clarify the process.

Committee members in attendance will create a narrative on each of the three sections.  The committee decided to review documents against NCATE requirements and be ready to write/revise narratives at the next meeting on January 10.  These will be given to Ms. Winstead for collection into one report.

The term “portal” rather than “gate” was selected for use in all documents and reports.

The next meeting is Tuesday, January 10, 2006 from 2:00-4:00 PM in Room TEC 2013.

Minutes by: Cheryl Edwards




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