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Unit Policy for Handling Formal Candidate Complaints

Formal complaints from students are submitted in writing through e-mails or other correspondence first to the instructor involved.  If the problem is not resolved, it is then submitted in writing to the instructor’s department head.  If the situation is still not resolved, it is taken to the Academic Dean of the College of Education and Human Development.  Procedures for specific complaints (sexual, racial, and gender harassment, disability discrimination, and academic) are outlined in the university’s Student Handbook.

            At the conclusion of each academic year (2006-2007) the number of complaints and resolutions are sent to the Academic Dean of the College of Education and Human Development along with a summary statement as to the predominant complaint.  The dean shares this report with the Dean’s Advisory Council (DAC) for discussion.  Actions are taken when deemed appropriate and necessary.



# of Complaints

# of Resolutions



Additional Comments

Teaching and Learning






Educational Leadership and Technology





Counseling and Human Development












            Additionally, students complete the Student Opinion of Teaching (SOT) each semester which is a written mechanism by which they can lodge complaints and voice their concerns. The SOTs data are forwarded to the department head and instructor for review and use in the instructor’s final evaluation  each academic year.






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