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Diversity, Culture, and Climate in Masterís Degree in Educational Leadership Program 




EDL 600

Communicate and report data results to promote educational improvement.

Candidates collect and disaggregate data to develop on understanding of various subgroups of students

EDL 661

Explain the legal rights of various groups relative to ethnicity, gender, age, disability, and socioeconomic status

Candidates study selected court cases

EDL 662

Develop effective recruitment strategies

Candidates develop recruitment strategies for soliciting applicants from underrepresented populations

EDL 663

Lead schools in a way that places student and adult learning at the center

Candidates complete an evaluation of an existing School Improvement Plan. Candidates must write an analysis addressing the culture of the school and curriculum and teaching strategies.

EDL 664

Foster the genuine, continuous involvement, and commitment of the school community in promoting the progress of all students toward attaining high standards

Candidates develop an action research proposal that is conducted during the internship. The proposal includes an analysis of the culture and climate of the school and the development of strategies to address the diverse populations identified in the culture and climate analysis.

EDL 665

Candidates are required to complete a minimum of 30 clock hours in settings that differ from there own. These can include differences in grade level, student population, or setting (school v. central office)





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