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Culminating Exam

Name___________________                               Date___________________

EDUC 660
(75 pts) 

During the semester, we discussed issues related to the following: foundations of multicultural education, class, ethnicity and race, gender, exceptionality, religion, language, and age.  Moreover, you answered a variety of questions relative to all the chapters, viewed different videos, and read additional material.  Think about all our discussions, assignments, guest speakers, and all the various activities relative to the class.  Discuss what you learned and how it personally had an impact on your thinking and awareness, and provide concrete examples as to how your actions have changed within your work as an educator.  In short, respond to the question with thoughtful reflection and detailed, specific examples.  If this class had no impact or very little impact on your thinking, awareness, and action, then be very specific as to why and provide detailed examples on how the class could have been conducted differently in order for it to have had a greater impact on you. 

In order to help provide parameters for you, five pages will likely be the minimum number of pages you will have for this response.  Authenticity, specificity, detail, and thoughtful, insightful reflection are key relative to how you will be graded. 


Type, double space
12 pt.
1-inch margins (all around paper)
If you cite any material, use APA style 

Content (60 pts)

60-58                 Excellent

57-54                 Good

53-48                 Average

47-41                 Poor

40-below         Failure 

Writing  (15 pts)(conventions, transitions, connections, flow)

15-13                 Excellent

12-10                 Good

09-08              Average

07-06              Poor

05-below         Failure




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