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EDUC 304 Pre-Assessment

Learning is connecting the new to the known.  We will build on your prior knowledge as a skilled reader.

1.                  How would you define reading?

2.                  What “in-the-head” strategies (metacognition) do you use…

a.       Before you read to help you understand and remember?

b.      During reading?

c.       After reading?

d.      When you realize you are not understanding?

e.       When you come to a word you do not know how to pronounce (decoding knowledge)?

f.        When you come to a word you do not know the meaning of (vocabulary knowledge)?

3.                  How do you study for a test (metacognition/discourse)?

4.                  What are you attitudes/feelings about reading (affective)?

5.                  What types of books/materials do you enjoy reading (affectiveness/discourse)?

6.                  What are your earliest memories of learning how to read (affective)?

7.                  How would you teach someone to read based on your prior knowledge/experiences?




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