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CF 4 Dispositions

Southeastern Louisiana University

College of Education and Human Development


The College of Education and Human Development, in collaboration with partner colleges, is responsible for preparing candidates who have the required knowledge, skills and dispositions to become effective professionals. Faculty and school personnel will evaluate your demonstration of these dispositions and provide you with feedback about your progress. 

Dispositions are defined as the values, commitments, and professional ethics that influence behavior toward students, families, colleagues, and communities and affecting student learning, motivation, and development as well as the candidate’s own professional growth.  Dispositions are guided by beliefs and attitudes related to values such as caring, fairness, honesty, responsibility, and social justice (NCATE, 2001).  The dispositions listed below are expected of Southeastern Louisiana University teacher education candidates in the university classroom and in the schools. 

Professional Attributes

▪     Attendance

▪     Punctuality

▪     Appearance

▪     Oral expression

▪     Written expression

▪     Reliability/Dependability 

Professional Characteristics

▪     Self-Initiative/Independence

▪     Self-Confidence

▪     Creativity

▪     Flexibility

▪     Integrity

▪     Organization

▪     Perseverance 

Professional Relationships

▪     Collegiality

▪     Interaction with students

▪     Response to feedback

▪     Positive disposition 


▪     Promotes success for all students

▪     Tact/Judgment

▪     Response to students’ needs

▪     Ability to reflect and improve performance

▪     Commitment




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