Document List
Conceptual Framework
Standard I: Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions
Standard II: Assessment System and Unit Evaluation
Standard III: Field Experiences and Clinical Practices
Standard IV: Diversity
Standard V: Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development
Standard VI: Unit Governance and Resources
Louisiana Supplement Standards (LASS)
2008 BOE Report and UAB Accreditation
2002 NCATE Institutional Report, State Supplement Report, and UAB Accreditation
Institutional Title II Reports
(PEDS) AACTE/NCATE Joint Date Collecting Annual Reports(2002-2008)
Vision 2010
Third-Party Testimony
COEHD Faculty Handbook
Portfolio Handbook
COEHD Curriculum Committee Minutes
Council for Teacher Education Minutes
Dean's Administrative Council Meeting Minutes
Professional Education Course Syllabi
Faculty Vita by Department
University Catalogs



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