The Journey into Delta Sigma Theta Land is the Ultimate Journey. It is a journey that many seek but not all can undertake. It is a journey of Growth--growth through teamwork and leadership development, growth through personal and cultural awareness, and growth through service and positive relationships. It is the Ultimate Journey to Sisterhood.

If you are on a quest for Sisterhood, Congratulations!, you are on the right path. Below you will find our definition of a Delta Diva, you can compare it to your personal ideals. Further below you will find requirements and advice to help you on your Quest.

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Do you want to know what
qualities help define a Delta Woman? Move the light
across the Diva to explore
 the source of her radiance.
You will find seven special

"Why I Choose To Pledge"

"My first exposure to sorority
life was through conversations
I overheard and watching step shows. I appreciate dance as
much as the next person, but
I never understood what all
the hoopla was about. As far
as I knew, Greek organizations were for people who needed
made" friends to make

them feel important. Also, I
heard stories about hazing, physical abuse, and humiliation
that pledges suffered at the
hands of their big brothers
and sisters..."

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"When I look at you, I see myself.
If my eyes are unable to see you as
my sister, it is because my own
vision is blurred.
And if that be so, then it is
I who need
You either because I do not understand
who you are, my sister, or because
I need you to help me understand who I am."