Bill Evans Thematic Catalog

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The idea for an audio thematic catalog came from the various classical music catalogues that have been compiled for Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and others. Each of the composer's works were organized by key and musical motif. Each entry had only a few measures, enough for a musician who could sight-sing standard music notation to recognize.

An audio catalog, to either compliment or replace the music notation is a great content idea for the web. All of these excerpts are from the  Bill Evans Fake Book published by TRO. “Sugar Plum.” and “Know what I Mean,” both by Bill Evans, are not contained in the fake book.  (The numbers below do not correspond to pages in the Bill Evans Fake Book).

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  1. 34 Skidoo
  2. B Minor Waltz
  3. Bill’s Belle (no audio)
  4. Bill’s Hit Tune
  5. Blue In Green
  6. C Minor Blues Chase (no audio)
  7. Catch The Wind (no audio)
  8. Carnival (no audio)
  9. Children’s Playsong
  10. Chromatic Tune (no audio)
  11. Comrade Conrade
  12. Displacement
  13. Epilogue
  14. Five
  15. Fudgesicle Built For Four
  16. Funkallero
  17. Fun Ride
  18. Funny Man
  19. G Waltz
  20. In April (For Nennette) (no audio)
  21. Interplay
  22. It’s Love - It’s Christmas (no audio)
  23. Knit for Mary F.
  24. Know What I Mean
  25. Laurie
  26. Loose Bloose
  27. Maxine
  28. My Bells
  29. NYC’s No Lark
  30. One For Helen
  31. The Opener
  32. Only Child
  33. Orbit (Unless It’s You)
  34. Peace Piece
  35. Peri's Scope
  36. Prologue
  37. RE: Person I Knew
  38. Remembering The Rain (no audio)
  39. Show Type Tune
  40. A Simple Matter of Conviction
  41. Song For Helen
  42. Since We Met
  43. Story Line
  44. Sugar Plum
  45. Theme (What You Gave) (no audio)
  46. There Came You
  47. These Things Called Changes
  48. Tiffany
  49. Time Remembered
  50. Turn Out The Stars
  51. T.T.T. (Twelve Tone Two)
  52. T.T.T.T. (Twelve Tone Tune Two)
  53. The Two Lonely People
  54. Very Early
  55. Walkin’ Up
  56. Waltz For Debby
  57. Waltz In Eb
  58. We Will Meet Again
  59. Yet Ne’er Broken
  60. Your Story

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