"Winamp" Installation Tutorial


"Winamp" is a versatile audio and video program that allows users to listen to multiple KSLU streams. A stream is a broadcast, similar to the 90.9 FM frequency radios use, except that it is made available on the internet.

Please follow the steps below:

1. Click here to install "Winamp", KSLU recommends downloading the "Lite" version .


2. Double-click on the "Winamp" icon:

2nd step


3. When the install program loads, click "I Agree":


4. Click "Next":



5. Select "Lite" and click "Next":



6. Click "Next":



7. Uncheck all the items and click "Next":



8. Check the check box and click "Finish":



9. Select "Winamp Classic" and click "Next":



10. Click "Next":



11. Click "Finish":




12. At this time, please visit the LISTEN LIVE page, and click on the stream you would like to listen to. Winamp will automatically open and begin playing the stream::


14th step

Note: While Mozilla's Firefox was used in this tutorial, Microsoft's Internet Explorer's dialog box looks nearly the same.

Enjoy Southeastern's Own, 90.9 KSLU, and have a nice day!


If you continue to experience technical difficulties, please refer to the Listening Trouble? page. If your problems are not solved, please call a service technician.


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