Listening Trouble?


If you're having trouble listening to KSLU's internet stream please follow the checklist below to correct you're problem.


---If your computer does not recognize the "*.pls" file---

1. Please assure that your computer has the most recent version of "Winamp" installed. "Winamp" may be downloaded by clicking HERE.

2. After downloading the "Winamp" client, please follow the "Winamp" Installation Tutoral.


---If your computer has "Winamp" installed, but no sound is being produced---

1. First, assure that your computer's speakers are connected correctly into the computer, and plugged correctly into a powered outlet.

2. Next, Click: Start>Programs>Accesories>Entertainment>Volume Control, check that the "Volume" is not muted, or set at a low volume.

3. Finally, please check "Winamp's" volume, and change it so that it is not muted, or set too low.

An easy way to check to see if the sound problem is corrected, is to play a CD through "Winamp".


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