KSLU A Brief History


          KSLU began operation on November 11, 1974 as a radio club at Southeastern Louisiana University, operating at ten watts of power. Initially the station was on the air a few hours a day during the week; the transmitter was turned off during the weekends and during the holidays.

Thanks to support from the Student Government Association and self-assessed fees of the student body, the station qualified for Corporation for Public Broadcasting membership in 1983. Since that time the station has grown to 3,000 watts, the maximum allowed because of the crowded 88-92 MHz band.

          In 1988, KSLU became the first radio station in the South to install a digital touchscreen operating system. This video monitor displayed everything needed by the operator, from the day's log, to song length, announcer scripts, and even which pizza places deliver on weekends! The installation was featured in Broadcast Engineering magazine and was visited by radio personnel from around the world.

          In 1993, an emergency situation room was added utilizing amateur radio equipment purchased with grants from State Farm Insurance and Louisiana Power and Light. During critical times this room is manned by local ham operators, members of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service in the Florida parish area.

          In the past, the station produced several political forums which were fed to all public radio stations in Louisiana, and commercial stations via the Louisiana News Network.

          1996 brought another exciting time as KSLU began broadcasting globally via the internet, enabling families of international and out-of-state students to hear live university events.

Our current broadcast schedule offers a variety of non-commercial programs which both enlighten and entertain; taking the listener off the beaten path, down side streets and over new horizons. Diversity is the strength of KSLU, with offerings from local talk shows and entertainment programs to news, sports and cutting-edge music.

          KSLU is the only station in the local market serving as a testing ground for new music. Our daytime format is AAA (Adult Album Alternative) and features artists such as Lucinda Williams, Weezer, Dave Matthews, Moby, and others. At night we become a bit more freeform and experimental. We're sure you'll find something you like no matter when you tune in.


          Thanks for joining us on our web site, and thanks for listening!

- Todd Delaney, General Manager


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